High Alert Pix

Deliver high-impact, image-based emergency alerts.

High Alert Pix allows colleges and universities to convert text-only alerts to high-impact, image-based alerts with custom graphics and branding. Pix images can be use in conjuction with Page and Ping, or can be used with Post to add visual impact to alerts posted on social media channels.

High Alert Page

Crash-proof emergency information pages that provide more context for your alerts.

As emergencies unfold on campus, students, staff and faculty, as well as the public and media, look for immediate information and constant updates. Regular websites can’t keep up with the volume of visitors. With Page, you post a record of your alerts and additional safety information on a highly-available, crash-proof page. A source of truth that can take millions of hits. (Available August 2018.)

High Alert Post

Expand your social reach.

And last but not least, use Post to publish your image-based Pix alerts to Snap, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels or content management systems as eye-catching images instead of plain text.

High Alert Ping

"More info" URLs for your SMS alerts.

Do you need to communicate with more than 160 characters? Reduce the time for recipients to search the web, TV and chat with neighbors before taking a protective action by providing alert messages that elicit more comprehension and elicit more immediate action.

High Alert Ping is used in conjuction with Pix, Page and Post to extend message content and increase message comprehension. (Available August 2018.)