"All disasters are local."

Improved safety and security for your school is best created in your school.

The recent tragedies at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland, Florida. February 14, 2018. 17 dead.) and Santa Fe High School (Houston, Texas. May 18, 2018. 10 dead.) -- to name only two of scores of mass shootings -- demonstrate that we need better ways to protect our children. And each school community likely has a unique approach to solving their safety issues.

Will the money come soon enough?

Trying to do more with less has always been difficult -- and almost impossible when it comes to the safety of your students and staff.

The federal government wants to make our schools safer. With upwards of $100 million in proposed funding, and more flexibility for spending, states are still having a hard time determining where and how to spend. The trickle down to your school of both dollars and legislation may give you some tools, but perhaps not enough, to design safety solutions that fit your school.

A new kind of booster...

Imagine a School Safety Booster Club

Athletics, the arts, and other school programs have been supported by private-public partnerships for decades. Boosters are a part of the fabric of a school's community. Why not begin a school safety booster club? It would benefit every student, parent, staff member, and help the community stay in touch in times of emergency. It's a win-win that everyone can get behind.

Introducing High Alert

Innovative, image-based emergency alerts.

Don't sell cookie dough, coupons, or raffle tickets. Ask parents and community members to subscribe to your custom-branded, image-based emergency alert system. Students and staff are registered for free. Parents and the community register their mobile phones for $10 each. And the school keeps $7 of every sale. Yes, 70% of the funds -- not the typical 50% or less -- go to school safety programs that best solve your particular safety needs.